The idea

This is about my fifth application that I have published to the market. I was – as usual – thinking about creating an app that no one has created yet. Hard isn’t it? The market is full of applications (and garbage, of course), how the hell am I supposed to make up something that no one has ever thought, or if they did, they didn’t accomplish? Then it struck me. Actually this is only half my own idea. My brother had published Eye Trainer to the market a few days before, and I was looking at the application when it stroke me: is there an eye test application on the market? I searched the market and found that there are a couple of eye tests, most of them are confied to check color blindness and the others are crap. There is one though (made to iPhone as well), but that is only one competitor! Why couldn’t I create another one? A better one? With more tests and other functions?

This was the time that set me on the road of success.


About Balint Farago

Entrepreneur, startup enthusiast, gadget fan. I travel a lot and in the meantime I develop and promote mobile apps.
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